Reasons to Sell Your Santa Barbara Home Before Foreclosure

It was your dream come true when you bought a home in beautiful Santa Barbara. New real estate reports indicate that the value of the properties has increased during the last several years. Specifically, homes in Santa Barbara have seen an increase of 5% in 2021. But in recent years, owning property has become an expensive commodity with the world pandemic and upcoming recession. It is possible that you ran into financial problems and are now looking at foreclosure. For that reason, you should consider how to sell your Santa Barbara home before foreclosure.

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What is foreclosure?

Foreclosure is the term that alludes to losing your home for not managing your loans. It is considered a distressed sale process in which the lender tries to get the money back. Basically, the lender repossesses a home and sells it at an auction. If you have reached this point where you are behind on the mortgage payments, it is wise to consider selling your home before it happens. Selling your home before foreclosure will help you with:

  • Salvaging credit rating
  • Future buying potential
  • Financial outcome
  • Personal impact

Time limits for to sell your home

Federal laws protect homeowners in foreclosure processes. The law provides you with 120 days to be delinquent with your payments before they can initiate the foreclosure. When foreclosure starts, there is no deadline to sell your property. The time varies among U.S. states before foreclosure is completed and you lose your home. Make sure to start selling your home well in advance because sometimes it can take a long time. Before selling your home, it will be best for you to consult some professionals for help. An excellent tip to extend your time limits for selling a home is to prolong the legal process.

Before you sell your home

When you decide to sell your Santa Barbara home, you need to determine what things to keep. Whether you manage to sell or not, you should find a place to store your stuff. Moving your items to a new home or placing them in storage boxes will ensure that the loan owner doesn’t confiscate them. Mod Movers California will assist you with how to move and store things from your Santa Barbara home. Once you figure out where your permanent residence will be, you can quickly move your possessions out of storage.

Reasons for selling your home before foreclosure

Selling your home before foreclosure was the last thing on your mind when buying it. Now, when you have to sell it fast, there is a question is your Santa Barbara home losing its value? It would be best if you considered that you are trying to sell your home as soon as possible. Also, consider your home’s state; it might require some renovations. If you plan to renovate before selling, we suggest making only minor home improvements that will be visible and have the most significant impact.

Calculating debt before foreclosure

Salvaging your credit rating

Achieving a foreclosure creates a very negative effect on your credit rating. Depending on your earlier credit rating, the foreclosure will most likely get you in the no-lending zone. This event will remain for 7 years on your score. If you sell your home before foreclosure and pay all debts, your credit rating will be saved. Selling your home will also stop the foreclosure.

Financial benefits

If you manage to sell your property before foreclosure, you will regain some financial benefits. Selling the property will allow you, as previously mentioned, to preserve your credit rating and to get part of the invested money. You can create financial reserves for a transitional period depending on the real estate market and the remaining loan money. This will allow you to release a lot of financial burdens. You can get a clean start when you are free from a financial burden.

Get your control back

Foreclosure is a stressful process. The loaner will overwhelm you with demand letters and confusing documentation. Legal processes will consume your time and a lot of money you don’t have. Preparing to sell your home in this atmosphere is a nightmare. It would help if you got the control back before that happens. Firstly, you should prepare a list of what you need to achieve. This process will help you separate important from time-wasting necessities.

One of the things you need to do is to find a new place for you to stay. Preferably it would be good for you to remain in the vicinity of your home. Staying near will ease the phase because you will still need to do negotiations, meetings, and paperwork. Preparing for home selling will also require you to move your things. As previously mentioned, intrastate is the farthest you should move, meaning that you should only consider a local move within California. To ensure a safe process of your move within California, please consult experienced movers. Professionals can even help you with packing and furniture disassembly.

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Avoid scammers

Scammers are the vultures of the real estate market. They are dishonest opportunists looking for a chance to trick you into contracts you will regret. There have been many scandals related to foreclosure scams in recent years. Scammers can be distinguished by unrealistic offers, promises, and catchy slogans. They will offer to save you from foreclosure, allowing them to stick on you like leeches.

Hiring a licensed real estate seller is the best way to avoid scammers. Professional real estate sellers will boost the speed and quality of your sale. Consequently, with professional tips, you can get a higher value if you want to sell your Santa Barbara home. The Central Coast Home Buyers offers many tips and assistance on getting your home sold before foreclosure.

Sell your home in peace

To be able to sell your Santa Barbara home before foreclosure, make sure you are at peace with yourself. Keeping your head clear will get you through the scary and stressful foreclosure process. The race to sell your home before foreclosure will certainly exhaust you; that is why you should consult professionals before you get into this situation.

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