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Experts in the field of real estate, serving many areas in the country, and always committed to helping distressed homeowners. That is Central Coast Home Buyers in a nutshell. We want to be your partner by purchasing your unwanted property from you. Our goal is to save you time and money by avoiding the old way of selling houses.

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Please provide us with information about the property you wish to sell. We will walk you through the process and answer any questions that arise.

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Tell us what date you would like to close the property. We strive to get it done as soon as 7 days after giving you an offer for the property, but if you need more time, we’re flexible.

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Your Money

Central Coast Home Buyers is ready to pay you all in cash.

Every step counts!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Central Coast Home Buyers as conveniently to the best of our abilities is our commitment to you.

Skip Fees

Central Coast Home Buyers provides an innovative yet simple process that doesn’t require you to clean up, repair, or pay unnecessary fees. Our service can help you save time and money. Just look at our side-by-side comparison between us and an agent below:

Central Coast Home Buyers

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Sell your house to Central Coast Home Buyers

Gain more profit, while saving time and money.

  • Multiple options for you to choose from
    We provide several options for you to choose from. Contact us to discuss what works best for you.
  • No Marketing – No Wasted Weekends
    Close immediately and move on to the next step in life.
  • Close on your timeline
    Save time and close when it is most convenient for you, not the buyer.
  • Zero fees. Zero commissions. Zero Hidden Costs.
    No fees, commissions, or hidden costs. We promise.

The Old Way

  1. Time is money, and listing takes a lot of both
    Waiting 2-3 months for an offer can be stressful. However, an agent requires that from you.
  2. Open Houses and showings
    Agents can show up on days, nights, and weekends holding an open house or showing at your property.
  3. Realtor Commissions. Closing Costs. Fees.
    5-6% realtor fees, plus another 1-2% in closing costs and fees.
  4. Inspection nightmares
    An inspection of your property could cost you a fortune or revoke offers made.

We Are Here to Help You with Anything

The direct house buying process is quick and easy. We help buyers in all types of situations, and we can help you, too.

Are you… behind on payments? Avoiding foreclosure? Facing liens on the property? Going through a divorce? Central Coast Home Buyers can help you find a fast and simple solution no matter what obstacles you are facing.

Ready to begin selling your house fast in Oxnard? Fill out the form below or give us a call at 503-893-9107 to receive friendly customer service.

How It Works

To start, simply tell us about your home and your situation on this site – or give us a call at 503-893-9107. Get your fair cash offer within 24 hours. No obligations at all. We are constantly looking to buy houses in Oxnard.

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Tell us about your house: we’ll get to work today analyzing your property.

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We’ll make you a fair offer based on the market value and condition.

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You get to choose the selling option that works best for you (zero obligation).

Zillow Estimates Over 2 Months To Sell Your Home On The Market. Central Coast Home Buyers can make it happen in as quick as one week!

Agent vs Central Coast Home Buyers

Agents require commissions, repairs, and a clean house. An offer could take much longer than you anticipate. Many homeowners find out that hiring an agent is often a stressful and complicated process.

We are here to provide you with comfort and simplicity in the real estate world. Central Coast Home Buyers handles cleanup, repairs, and does not charge commissions or fees. We are ready to fix up the property and do not charge you or require you to complete the task. An offer from us comes much quicker than if you chose to hire an agent.

An agent can cause headaches, while we save you money and time. Give us a call if you are ready to list your property on the market. We hope to hear from you soon!

Your Options

  1. OPTION 1 – The “Traditional” Route. Hire a realtor, do all necessary repairs, market the house, and in a few months you’ll have sold your home.
  2. OPTION 2 – Sell the house yourself (FSBO): You basically act as the agent here. If you have the knowledge, money and time, this can be a great option.
  3. OPTION 3Work with a buyer like Central Coast Home Buyers: This is the fastest and easiest way to profit from your home. Our professional team will give you a fair price and make sure your needs are met throughout the process.

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