7 Signs Your Santa Barbara Home is Losing Value

Owning a home in Santa Barbara may be a dream come true for some people. Nowadays, owning a home has become an expensive commodity, requiring a lot of dedication, time, and money to keep it properly running. According to real estate experts, homes tend to increase their value over time, especially in the last several years. In their estimation, the values of homes in Santa Barbara are seeing a steady rise of 5% from 2021. Although the increase in home value is natural, sometimes the market can change, and homes can start losing value rapidly. This article will focus on 7 signs your Santa Barbara home is losing value. 

Sings your home is losing value

Many factors contribute to a home losing its value. Most of the time, there is more than one factor at work. Additionally, several factors can overlap and cause a more significant drop in home prices. Focus on these 7 key signs your Santa Barbara home is losing value:

  • property tax
  • your house is outdated
  • market changes
  • low or no maintenance
  • neighborhood
  • nearby jobs and schools
  • struggle to sell

Although they can be observed as a problem by themselves, in reality, several of these factors and signs could be influencing your home value simultaneously. Experts at centralcoasthomebuyers.com are looking for all the options available when discussing houses and properties in Santa Barbara. Keeping a good eye and staying up to date with them can keep you stay in the game longer.

A Sign that your Santa Barbara home is losing value is low property tax

Getting a property value tax in the mailbox is nothing new. This may surprise you, but the value of your property tax can contain an early warning of your home losing its value. If your property tax is lower than it was in previous years, or even worse, if it keeps on getting lower and lower every month, you have to act. For several reasons, your home property value is losing credibility on the market. In times like these experts at royalmovingco.com suggest taking immediate steps, such as checking your home value on the market and contacting your realtor. 

An outdated home will lose value

Outdated homes are like a magnet for value depreciation. More often than not, people who invest in their homes tend not to renovate again for several years. This by itself is not an actual problem, but it can harm your Santa Barbara home value in a subtle way. Neglecting to renovate may become a problem, as the market perceives maintaining the home and keeping it up to date as a big plus. Owning a 30-year-old home in a neighborhood of similar properties becomes increasingly hard to sell. Spending money on renovating and redecorating may seem like an unnecessary expense. Still, it can be a solid solution to stop or slow down the property value decline in the long run. 

Market changes are one of the 7 signs your home is losing value

The property value market is a constant flux. There are times of steady appreciation or decline of property values, but this can also change quickly. Other factors influencing the property market are yearly seasons and current state laws. You can treat major market fluctuations as an early warning sign of potential change in the home value. In situations like these, asking for an opinion or help from a Santa Barbara investor is considered an excellent tactical move. Because they have more experience and knowledge, they can predict many changes and occurrences in the market. 


Home maintenance is a crucial part when determining its value. Although it can be seen as a drain on your finances, keeping your Santa Barbara home well maintained can save you trouble in the long run. Homes with low or no maintenance tend to plummet down on the market quickly in terms of value. When viewed on the market, these homes are usually a no go for buyers and renters. Investing time and money in maintenance can be a good solution, which can help you increase the value of your home. 

Neighborhoods in Santa Barbara

Most people who worry about their home value often think their home is the only factor contributing to the property value. In reality, this is not true. Although keeping your home well maintained and equipped with modern appliances is a good start and something you can affect, there are some factors you can’t control. One of them is the neighborhood. Expert realtors and property market analysts may see a particular neighborhood as a solid or a shaky ground for investment, depending on the current state of said neighborhood. Where your home is located can influence the value of all the nearby homes. When homeowners realize their neighborhood is dropping in value, they may want to sell their property and invest elsewhere. Maintaining the value of their property is also the most common reason why people sell their homes

Looking to move?

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Jobs and schools can be signs of home losing value

One of the early signs your home value is dropping could be a lack of jobs and education opportunities in your vicinity. Living in a part of the town where you can find ample job prospects or get a good education is far less likely to suffer from home value loss. On the other hand, living in an area with no jobs and no schools or universities, a home value decrease is almost certain. This can also be counted as a neighborhood problem and, in most cases, is not something you can influence.

Generally speaking, the home value market can change quickly. It is always an excellent solution to be informed and check your home value regularly. Thinking about 7 signs your Santa Barbara home is losing value can save you time and money. Also, keeping your tidy and maintaining it reduces the chances your property value will decrease in the long run. Acquiring help from realtors is also an excellent idea, which can help you get a reasonable price on the market if you plan to list your home for sale.

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