How to Sell Your Santa Barbara Home When Moving for a Job

Selling your home is always a big task. Some people get overwhelmed by it and don’t even know where to start. If you are in such a situation, we are here to introduce a few key steps in that process. There are several possible reasons for selling your home. However, the one that creates the immense feeling of emergency would have to be moving for a job. By the end of this article, you will know how to sell your Santa Barbara home when moving for a job with ease and speed. 

Marketing is important

A proper marketing plan must be your first step if you want to sell your Santa Barbara home. Firstly you must decide what kind of person you should sell your home to. If you have a two-bedroom house with a separate bathroom, you can advertise your home to a growing family better. However, if you’re selling a studio apartment, you should primarily focus on students or single workers who might be moving for a job just like you.

After that, you should look out for neighborhood development trends. To better understand what we are saying, we will go through three different types of neighborhoods and the thought process behind choosing a target audience.

Student neighborhoods

Suppose you are selling your home within neighborhoods such as The Mesa. In that case, your primary focus should be on young people and students, as this neighborhood is close to Santa Barbara City College and the ocean.

Slow residential areas

We decided to group Belair and Alta Mesa as a representation of this type of neighborhood. These neighborhoods are best for growing families and the elderly. They represent mainly quiet residential areas with beautiful views and natural surroundings. 

Commercial areas

If you are trying to sell a house in commercial areas like The Waterfront neighborhood, your best bet would be to advertise to development investors and people moving for a job like you. This way, their dwelling will be close to their future careers.


Expand to niche markets

Another good idea to help you sell your Santa Barbara home would be to try to expand to niche markets. One way of doing this is making your home handicap accessible. This is not to raise the value of your home but to appeal to other potential buyers.


After you have found your market and potential buyers, it is time to present your home in the best way possible. A big part of this is friendliness towards likely buyers. For instance, residential moving is a long and tedious process if you do it yourself. So recommending a good moving company can be a nice gesture to help them start over on the right foot and move with no stress.

Staging your home

Staging a home helps give people an idea of what the home can be used for. A good idea would be to have your things moved out so that you can add faux furniture that will better represent what the home should be used for. Moving your stuff is a big job – it would be best to hire a moving company such as Rockstar Pro Movers, so they can help you do this as quickly as possible. 

Remember to connect your staging to your marketing plan. This means that if you are advertising for a family, have one of the rooms staged as a children’s room. But if you are selling to a single worker, one of the rooms should be decorated as a home office.

Shed light on the good and hide the bad

When selling your Santa Barbara home directly to people, you should ensure they see the best in it. List any amenities your home has to the potential buyers. For example, if you have good AC coverage within your home, during the home tour, you should tell your potential buyers how it often gets very hot in the area and how the AC really has a lot of utility during those times.

It would be best if you also tried to hide the home’s minor faults. The point of this shouldn’t be to trick people, so only hide some cosmetic issues. Some buyers might negatively react to things such as a small crack or stain on the wall. This is why you should at least try to cover up such issues with a picture if you cannot fix them on short notice. 


Of course, if it is a more significant issue you will not be fixing, you should be open and honest to the people you want to sell your Santa Barbara home to. It’s better to sell for a smaller price than to lie and risk your buyers asking for their money back.

Decide whether you need or want help to sell your Santa Barbara home

Selling your Santa Barbara home when moving for a job calls for a quick sell. If you believe you can do this by yourself, that is great. Having some experience with selling your home is always a great thing as long as you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. However, contacting a real estate agent is always a smart move if you don’t have any experience and think you need help. If you have a deadline for moving to the city where your new job is, you can contact a real estate investment firm and get a cash offer quickly.


There are many aspects to thinking about how to sell your Santa Barbara home when moving for a job. We hope that with this guide on the process of selling your home, we have helped you go into it with a calm mind. Our final tip is to remember that you can always ask for advice and help. It is undoubtedly possible to find someone with more experience than you. Even if you don’t have such an acquaintance, you can just call a real estate agent to help you. We wish you luck in your sales and your new job.

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