How to Prepare for a Short Notice Move in Santa Barbara

How to Prepare for a Short Notice Move in Santa Barbara

Organizing a move on short notice is never a fun experience. The stress of uprooting your life and moving it elsewhere is overwhelming. So, we hope we can help out a bit with our guide on how to prepare for a short notice move in Santa Barbara.

Remember the things you need to do before the move

The first step in preparing for a short notice move in Santa Barbara is handling things that must be done before the move. First, you must have your old home’s utilities shut off or transferred to the new owners. Then, it would help if you had your address changed to your new home. Finally, you need to get medical or schooling records, especially if you plan to cross a larger distance and enroll your kids in a different school. Getting all that stuff sorted out after a move would take a lot of useless backtracking and travel.

Immediately contact movers

One thing that people tend to forget when trying to prepare for a short notice move in Santa Barbara is that professionals have schedules, too. Especially the good ones. Your preferred movers might be booked for weeks in advance during hectic months. Now, there’s very little you can do about this on your part, but you can, at least, start making calls as soon as you find out you need to move. This is especially true when trying to buy and sell at the same time since the timeframe to organize everything would be even more sensitive. You’ll be able to catch any last-minute openings, and you’ll know in time whether you need to look into more moving companies if your first picks are too busy. If you know that you might be forced to move quickly in the future, do your research in advance, too.

Get some moving supplies

Supplies that are meant for moving are much, much better, and easier to use than random boxes. As the experts associated with the database of moving companies like to point out, they are much easier to pack things in, and they protect your items better, too. Their toughness and the fact that they can be stored away for a time before worrying about things like mold is a massive bonus. Having them means you can pack a few days in advance and leave bare essentials for your remaining stay in your old home.

Organization is not as important

Now, you should try to have some plans for your move. However, do not obsess with the organization when trying to prepare a short-notice move. Facts are you are unlikely to be able to plan things to your satisfaction. Even when you are packing, you won’t be able to remain organized. Oh, you can undoubtedly group items haphazardly together. You may even be able to get away with roughly labeling the moving boxes, so you know what’s in them, even though a better idea would be to just go for transparent ones since you’re in a hurry. However, you’ll never have the time to iron things out, and that’s fine. A short-notice move is always organized chaos, and you need to accept that.

Speedy decluttering is key

When trying to pack quickly and decide what to take with you, some things will need to go. You can stuff them in random boxes and then donate the stuff if you don’t want to waste it. Or leave it for your relatives and friends to rifle through and decide what they want to keep and what they want to donate or throw away. The point is that you need to make the process as efficient as possible. Anything that’s not essential, either for practical or sentimental reasons, can be categorized as clutter.

Be careful with your health

No matter how urgent the move may be, your health always comes first. Short notice terms are always stressful. They will put a lot of pressure on your psyche and body, especially if you are going through one because you’ve inherited real estate in Santa Barbara from a close loved one. Dealing with a loss on top of everything else is a nightmare. Still, if you let this temporary problem hurt your health, you might even have to deal with long-term consequences. That’s not something you’d likely want, and all you need to do is set aside a bit of time every once in a while to rest and relax. Hang out with your kids if you have them, for example. They’ll need lots of love and reassurance in all the chaos anyway!

Consider hiring professional help

Is hiring professionals for everything, including packing up and cleaning before the move-out day, expensive? Well, it can be. If you take a bit of time to browse through different options, you’ll find that it is always possible to find an affordable business in Santa Barbara. After all, if you want to find professionals to help you sell your old home, it’s only normal to look for people who can make a short-notice move bearable.

Plan for arrival

When trying to prepare for a short notice move in Santa Barbara, you want to hit the ground running. After all, an essential part of a move is scouting out the location and getting to know it before you’re ready to make the change in address. A short notice move makes this impossible to achieve. So, it would help if you planned how you want to approach your future home and the right way to establish yourself there quickly. It can be a plan as ‘simple’ as listing out fun family activities that will allow you to learn the neighborhood layout easily. So long as you actually have one, it’s fine.

Final comment

We hope you found our guide on how to prepare for a short notice move in Santa Barbara helpful. Just remember, no matter how chaotic everything seems, the most important thing is to stay calm and take occasional breaks!

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